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Founded on the basis of community, Orion eSports was handcrafted by a group of dedicated professionals and has already collectively procured decades of eSports experience. Alongside some of the industry’s most trend-setting individuals and through real-time collaboration, Orion has already set their sights on new-media initiatives. We plan on controlling a steadfast, dominant foothold in the global spectrum of competition through innovation, perseverance and most importantly, community empowerment. 


While competing and placing well in offline events was a major stepping stone to early success, possessing a powerful online community presence has always been the fundamental backbone of our cause. Creating Orion as an outlet to share our passion for the games we love was our main goal and through persistence, we’ve gained the support of thousands of players worldwide from a multitude of different genres. Humble roots, steadfast dedication and the unrelenting pursuit of perfection are what drive us.


Distinguishing Orion as a major player on the competitive scene is a goal we all share and it’s a long road ahead. We hold the firm belief that the foundation of any successful endeavor always begins with the people who support it. Humble growth is what we do best and we couldn’t have come this far without the support and commitment of dedicated enthusiasts who support our cause.


Orion eSports retains a firm grasp on what eSports will become in the years to come. With eSports reaching an all time high, we plan trendsetting the new era of competition by fielding successful teams in every discipline will the help of our.Already labeled as a dominant name on the European scene, we show no signs of slowing down in the near future.